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“Greece - My Residence” is a Golden Visa program, which not simply offers to you a residence permit with the purchase of a home, but gives you numerous benefits. Greece a member of the European Union, the Schengen Area and the Eurozone, which gives you the privilege to travel in at least 25 European countries. Here you can raise your children in an unmatched European environment combined with the Mediterranean lifestyle. You can also invest and do business in Greece in a steadily developing economy, or invest in a promising real estate market.

Greece’s Golden Visa program offers you the opportunity to purchase a property in Athens, near the seaside or in the northern suburbs. Connected with 39 airports including 15 International, Athens is 1 to 4 hours from all major European cities.

To obtain a Golden Visa through real estate investment in Greece, our company will provide you with real estate options that meet the requirements of the investment law. In cooperation with experienced and well trained law firms and notaries, your application for a residence permit will be absolutely successful.

Renewal of your Golden Visa

Residence’s permit duration is set to a five-year period. Apollo Home collaborates with highly trained lawyers, notaries and financial advisors who will assist you in every step of the renewal procedure.

For our existing customers, we securely keep a full record of all related necessary documents to timely renew your residence permit.

For more information, please visit the official page of Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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