Property Management

Rental Collection

Entrust Apollo Home and allow us to timely and consistently collect your rentals. Our technology-based leasing platform gives the opportunity to send written notices via sms and emails to tenants and property owners, regarding payments. When an eviction is inevitable, we will take action by complying with all applicable laws and regulations. We will also make sure to timely update your tax profile so that you will not get taxed for reduced income.

Expenses Management

During an active Property Management Agreement, we review every incoming invoice and each payment is approved by the owner. Apollo Home can be authorised by the landlord to pay all invoices, taxes, medical and home insurance, utilities and maintenance. Moreover, we create and send out frequent financial statements. We keep detailed records of all rental receipts and expenses payments in a safe IT environment.


Through an effective Property Management agreement we will reduce maintenance costs, improve tenant relations and increase the value of your investment. We perform pre and post rental inspections, arrange regular visits as well as “on demand” inspections (in case of severe weather conditions). We handle all incoming tenant calls, emails and maintenance requests. We coordinate with vendors to facilitate and monitor all repairs and maintenance requests when necessary.

Maintenance and Renovation

Apollo Home also offers full or partial renovation proposals. Collaborating with highly experienced and creative teams we are able to suggest the most suitable renovation plans at the most competitive prices. The whole renovation project will be under our supervision and we shall provide reports, photos and videos throughout the process to the owners.

Legal Support

Our company can assist you with any legal issue or question related to leasing procedures, property sales, tenant eviction, rental delinquencies, agreement composition, original copies of legal documents etc. Our experienced and certified legal team can initiate legal procedures, oversee the preparation of all documents required and act accordingly to secure your best interest and legal rights.

Accounting Services

Apollo Home’s experienced accounting team will provide landlords with a full set of professional services.

  • Annual Tax Representation & Tax codes issuing
  • Property Declaration (Ε9) & Annual Property Tax Issuing (ENFIA)
  • Leasing Agreement Declaration, Modification, Renewal & Termination
  • Income Tax Return (Ε1) & Income Tax Return generated from rentals (Ε2).

File Keeping

Accurate and safe file keeping is essential to Apollo Home to achieve the most fruitful Property Management scheme. Applying all GDPR rules, we update our records and keep necessary documents related to your property (leases & appendices, payment records, insurance policies, building regulations, tax documents, inspection and vendor reports, utility bills, floor plans etc.). Moreover, in a safe and secure office key cabinet we keep all property key sets which can be only delivered to tenants, vendors or employees accompanied by a signed form. A key log document is always at the owner’s disposal.

Guaranteed Rental

The option of guaranteed rental, through subleasing contract can be provided by our company. The on time and guaranteed rental payment, the excellent management of the property, as well as the lack of any agency fees, is some of the great advantages of the subleasing contract.

Other Services

We liaise with a great range of certified and skillful technicians, accountants and engineers in order to offer other services related i.e. new utility connections, alterations and terminations of existing contracts, modifications of cadastral declarations etc. Through our active agreement we are authorised to attend and represent owners at annual or impromptu building meetings. Our team can deal with any request related to your property’s needs.

Contact us to explore the best possible management solutions for your property.

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